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                    God Send Grace                              A dragon spouting out fire, proper



    This is Lawson Stevenson. I built this website because I have an enormous interest in my family heritage. I also needed a hobby. I became interested in computers because of my job, I'm a computer technician. Next came Family Tree Maker. I purchased it back when it was produced by Banner Blue Software. My mom was my inspiration to research the family tree. She had hundreds of little notes, letters and pictures that she had collected over the years. My goal was to put it all together in a single place and in a logical order. I then intended to publish a family newsletter and send it out annually to family member- subscribers. This would have required input from family all over the world. I found this to be an impossible task, until the Internet. Now it's not only possible to find family members all over the world, but it's easy to communicate with them in an instant.

    With the Internet came the ability to build websites that anyone with a computer could access. I started out developing a website for my own Amsoil business (link below). Amsoil provided templates to get me started, but I wanted to build more so I had to learn as I went. I purchased several books but to be honest they didn't help much, I learn better by doing, so I winged it. After a couple years of working on the business site I decided to begin work on Why Clan Crichton instead of Stevenson? Well, I've always been proud of my Scottish/English heritage and to be honest again, the glamour of having ancestors that could be traced back to the hierarchy of twelfth century Scottish government was too irresistible.

    Great News:

    We have a new, authorized Tartan. The new background of the website is now the Clan Crichton Tartan. To see the Authority click here.

    I now have the website I wanted. The background is the Clan Crichton Tartan. The Crichton's were a "Lowland" clan, therefore, they may not have ever had a Tartan of their own. The father of the current Clan Chieftain, Charles M. M. Crichton, planned to design a clan tartan. It's taken several years but here are the fruits of his labor. Clan Crichton can use the new Clan Crichton Tartan, so I've selected it for my background. I think is looks good.

 Question is, are we a clan? Click here to see the newspaper story of Mr. Charles Crichton's efforts to secure the clan's clan status.

    Now that I have the website designed, I need help updating it. There is a lot of research to do with each branch. I have Crichton's from Scotland to Australia helping gather information and getting it to me. If you're a descendent of the Stevenson's, Barton's or Edge's, and you know something about your ancestors, I'd like to hear from you and have that information. Below is a link to a Blank Form that will give you the information I need, names, dates and places. You can print a copy of the "blank form", make more copies and fill them in and mail them to me or just compile the information in an e-mail and send it to the address on the links page. I've been unable to convince the software company to make the form, "fill in on line" capable.  In the mean time, please enjoy the site and help if you can. Have a great and successful year.

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